Comparison of market hangars

As you know, there is a huge supply of hangars on the market: tent and metal, wooden structures, even inflatable. Many people make incorrect choices and there are reasons for such decisions – every seller praises his own products. As always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

For example: hangars with metal walls are considered to be safer and more durable in comparison with tent hangars, and it is partly true. However, sometimes a sheet metal with a thickness of 0.2 – 0.3 mm is used. It shall not be considered as a serious protection of your property, as it is the same as wrapping it with a thick foil. As the saying goes: all locks are the same, the only difference being the tools used, therefore, the best way to prevent theft is the alarm or security.

Proper, high-quality sheet metal hangars are 3-4 times more expensive than the storage tents we offer. However, the market offers models of sheet metal hangars, the prices of which are the same or slightly higher. You shall pay attention to the following aspects: the frame structure, distances between arches, thickness of the pipes. Do not forget that the snow on the sheet metal will accumulate while it will simply slide down off the tent.

The other extreme – the storage tents, which are built or assembled as temporary gazebos (thin pipes are connected without screws, fixing to the ground with the simple tent poles, etc.) – such models are very cheap. But ask yourself: would you like to stay in such hangar during the snowy winter or hurricane wind?!

In this case, the advice is simple – gather as much information as you can and do not believe in just the low price or promises. It is necessary to find your balance between price, needs and quality.

The advantages of our hangars

All our models have modifications adapted to various climatic conditions. There is no universal option designed for Spain and Finland.

The relation between the price and the quality. We do not ask you to pay an inadequate price for our tents, but if we would reduce the price, then it would immediately have an impact on the quality of the product, and you, as the clients, certainly would not want that- there is always a possibility for the manufacturer to save. Moreover, we are constantly improving our products in order to avoid any problems in the future, rather than wait for them to occur.

All our products are covered by warranty and post-warranty service.

We have almost all models of tent hangars, greenhouses and container shelters in stock. The delivery will take just a few days after confirmation of the order.

Simple and fast assembly. If you want to save and build a hangar, greenhouse or a shed by yourself – we will always help you. Upon the delivery of your chosen product, we will provide you with the manual; you can find assembly photos and videos on our website, and if necessary, our specialists will always help you!

Very simple repair. If you damage the tent, you can always solder or glue it without disassembling the hangar.

If you have the necessity to move the hangar to another location, you can do it with minimal effort. This is relevant if you rent a place where the storage tent is located.