Does the construction of a tent hangar require a foundation?

No, one of the main features is that the hangars of up to 340 sq. m. do not require a foundation. For larger models, the preparation of the foundation is necessary.

Can the tent be repaired, for example, when cut?  

Yes, all tents can be easily repaired without disassembling the hangar or removing the tent. In case the tent is damaged it can be soldered or you can use our tent repair kits sold separately.

Do you provide the warranty?

All products are covered by warranty.

What is the durability of the tent?

Depending on the thickness of the tent, the durability may be from 5 to 25 years.

What is the metal structure of the tent hangar?

The frame of all models consists of galvanized steel tubes. The diameter of the tubes of the main frame, depending on the model, is from 60 mm.  What is more, depending on the width of the hangar, single or double frame structure with different spaces between the arches is used.

How many gates are there?

All of our models have gates at both ends and this allows to use the area more efficiently.

How is the structure of the frame fixed to the ground?

Each hangar is fixed to the base by using anchors for building. Depending on the model of the hangar, the number and type of fixing elements differ.

What are the heights of the side walls of straight wall models?

Heights of the walls of hangars with straight walls:
NORDA – 4.1 m.
ULA-S – 2.3 m.
EURO – 3.5 m.
VEGA – 4.2 m.

Can one hangar be joined to another?

All hangars can be joined end to end. Hangars cannot be joined (as a single hangar) side to side.

Can your hangars be provided with thermal insulation?

The hangars that we offer do not have thermal insulation. However, if necessary, you can partially thermally insulate them. You can prepare standard thermal insulation between the tubes of the arch – Styrodur®, Isover® , Fastfixx®, Rockwool®, EPS and others. It does not mean that you will fully thermally insulate the premises, but it will relatively increase thermal resistance and simplify the work.

Can other types of gates be used in your hangars?

Yes. Our standard set has two types of gates which differ in their design, depending on the model. However, if necessary, you can fit plastic, sliding or roll-up gates on your own.

Angaras su metaliniais vartais

Is it possible to fit man’s door designed for people near the gates?

Yes. Our standard set does not offer such door. We can order custom door made from tent for the models of ULA series.  However, in case it will be used constantly (swinging as in trade pavilions), you can fit standard door with a frame yourself.

Is there a possibility to purchase used tent hangars?

Some clients are interested in used hangars. Sometimes we can offer tent hangars which were returned after the rental period. However, the discount will not make a significant difference between the prices of a new and used hangar. Therefore, it is not worth saving and it is recommended to buy a new, packed hangar and be sure that you will receive the full set of a high quality and a warranty.