Tent hangar maintenance

It is recommended to check the following things once a year or according to your individual needs – more often:

  • The metal structure of the hangar – make sure that all screws and fittings are tightened and not loose;
  • Condition of the tent – inspect and make sure the tent is not damaged due to the changing weather conditions or extraneous factors. It is also important to check whether the tent is not loose and is still properly tense;
  • Snow load – it is important not to wait too long and remove the accumulated snow during the winter season. In case of snow accumulation, gently lift the tent of the hangar from the inside with a broom or brush (do not use sharp items or items which could damage the tent!);
  • Fastening ropes of the tent – make sure that the ropes which fasten the tent to the metal structure are properly tightened and maintain the tension of the tent.